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How it works

Dried flowers are always a good choice! Your flowers can give you pleasure for up to three years!

If you have decided on one of our bouquets, we will send you your flowers in a flat package so that they will reach you safely. When you have received them, you can take them out and arrange and tie them together with the ribbon provided. Already yours can Bunch of flowers beautify your home. Have fun!

Flower boxes
What is the best way to care for my dried flowers?

Here are the three most important things to keep in mind when caring for your dried flowers:

- Place them in a dry place

- Handle them carefully when you arrange them

- Protect them from direct sunlight, the sun can cause the flowers to fade more quickly, or lose leaves

Here you can find our detailed blog post on dry-flower-care

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Why dried flowers?

It has been scientifically proven that flowers create a positive atmosphere in rooms. Especially in times like these, a harmonious environment is more important than ever. The home is now everything in one: an office, a restaurant, a fitness studio, a cinema, an oasis of well-being, a home and a lot more. So what could be more important than beautifying the one place you spend most of your day?

With our online delivery of dried flowers, you've come across something that can give you pleasure for up to three years. It goes without saying that because of their longevity alone, dried flowers are more sustainable than fresh flowers, which have to be watered daily and replaced weekly. Have a look at our Blog entryhow you can optimally care for your dried flowers.

For us it is in the foreground that every DIY box is put together with care. Special inquiries are also welcome at any time. We will process every request in German or English within a very short time. Please write us an email to, a direct message at Instagram or a messenger message Facebook.