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Blog presentation: CEPPELIN - An online magazine about slow fashion and sustainable living ideas


Sustainability - all we need is less


Sustainability is trendy. More and more companies are realizing that they can no longer avoid the topic because politicians and consumers encourage them to do so. The climate crisis is real and it could become the most dangerous challenge facing humanity. Generation Z fears about their future. Living spaces are changing and some of them are becoming uninhabitable.


We all dream of an intact environment, the preservation of biological diversity, little consumption of resources and a high quality of life for humans and animals. In reality, however, it looks different: We live beyond our means and produce too much waste. Plastic is everywhere - in our seas, the groundwater, in our blood. Animals are kept under unworthy conditions and bred en masse to be slaughtered.


Over the decades, quantity and fast pace have developed into new virtues. Values such as quality and harmony with nature and people have suffered. How do we find our way back to these values and how can we integrate them back into our everyday lives as a matter of course?


CEPPELIN - the digital sustainability magazine with style


These questions go CEPPELIN to the bottom. The digital Slow Fashion magazine is aimed at readers who place more value on added value. The focus here is on quality, fair working conditions and the environment. In addition, united CEPPELIN these values with style, aesthetics and exclusive design.


CEPPELIN takes on the challenge of making sustainability attractive and showing which companies are already making stylish and sustainable products. Readers can regularly look forward to beautiful and sustainable product presentations on the blog and in the associated fair shop.


“Ceppelin helps you to live environmentally friendly: With us you will find inspiration and tips for more sustainability in everyday life. In addition, our purchasing advice will help you consume consciously and in a stylish manner. " CEPPELIN


The creation of CEPPELIN


Ceppelin was founded in early 2020. Founder Lea's goal was to create a platform that combines aesthetics with ethics.


It is important for Lea to work independently and to decide which people and brands she works with and to define the values that her work stands for.


“I studied fashion design and previously worked for various bloggers and online magazines. During my studies, I was a working student in the field of SEO and learned a lot from what is important for my work today. I also work as a fashion stylist on occasion and I feel comfortable being creative and designing things. I come from a very nature-loving and animal-loving family. My parents sell organic food and my mother always taught us to be considerate of the environment.


In the end, I put everything I am and what I have learned into one concept, and that is Ceppelin. In my opinion, the time that we have in our life is the most valuable thing and that is why we should use it consciously and with passion. "



Which does ______________ mean Slow fashion?


Slow fashion stands for slower production cycles as well as sustainable and conscious fashion. The aim is to slow down the pace of production, improve poor working conditions for many textile workers and promote sustainable consumer behavior. Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion and describes the change to more responsibility and respect for people and the environment.


Slow fashion means deceleration:

  1. For an environmentally friendly production and selection of raw materials
  2. For sustainable production and high-quality processing
  3. For fair trade
  4. For the use and durability of clothing


Based on others Slow-Moves like Slow food the products often have a regional origin with short production chains. The individual production steps from fiber to processing are transparent. In doing so, chemicals are avoided as far as possible and instead focus is placed on the development of sustainable materials and future-proof technologies.


Which does ______________ mean Clean Beauty?


Clean Beauty stands for products that do without controversial ingredients. This means that the skin is supplied with natural oils and nutrients, for example. Clean Beauty is often plant-based, always cruelty-free and with high-quality ingredients. Brands consciously pay attention to the environment. Certified natural cosmetics are the supreme discipline here. However, not every brand can afford certification.


How do you live? sustainable?


Living sustainably does not only mean doing without a plastic bag when shopping or shopping in the organic market. CEPPELIN shows which everyday tricks we use to shape our lives sustainably without having to forego modernity and style.


There are many opportunities to protect the environment as well as your wallet and your own health. If you want to live sustainably, you don't have to immediately renounce all packaging, have a wardrobe full of GOTS-certified clothes or not be allowed to drive a car. Even small measures can make a big difference and this is where CEPPELIN comes in.




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