We recently added flowercards to our range. Our flowercards are the perfect add-on for your flower box, whether as a gift or even for yourself!

Our range has a large number of ready-made greeting cards with loving sayings on the front. But even if you have your own idea in mind and would rather receive a personalized card, we have an option for you. Simply select the personalized card and write us in the shopping cart what should be on the front of your card and we will lovingly and handcraft it for you!

You can also let us label your flower card on the inside with your desired text free of charge. This is particularly useful if you send the package directly to the person you want to give a present. Just write us your desired text in the information field in the shopping cart before you pay.

And this is how we make our cards for you: 

Step 1:

We'll see if you've added any specific instructions to your order.

Step 2:

Now we are looking for the right shapes and colors for your flower card so that everything looks harmonious and good. Mostly these are two different colors, Phalaris and Gypsophila. 

Step 3:

Now the matching greeting for the front of your card is printed out as a gold label.

Step 4:

If you have given us a message for the inside of the greeting card, it will now be written on your card.

Step 5:

Next we arrange the flowers on the card and stick them with the help of the label. 

Step 6: 

Finally, we tie the card together with a ribbon and place it in the box so that it arrives safely with you! 

We are looking forward to sending you lots of beautiful flowercards. 

Note: Due to the production and packaging costs, it is unfortunately not possible to buy a single Flowercard at the moment. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


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