Ideas for little gifts in 2021

2020 in particular showed us one thing: in exceptional times, loved ones are indispensable. Whether friends or family, we are there for one another and support one another. Because of the pandemic, we were and are all forced to keep our distance. It is therefore important that, despite the AHA rules, we can make someone happy and that special occasions are not forgotten. 

Of course we can celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, name days and holidays as part of a Facetime call. But at the same time, with a little attention, we can too be close.

two girls holding dried flower bouquets

Below are five Occasions, with which dried flowers are wonderfully suitable as a small gift:

  1.   Say thank you! Everyone does their best in these unusual times. Is there someone whose commitment you particularly admire? A little thank you is never wrong here.
  2.   Happy Birthday! Have a nice wedding day! There are always occasions when you want to spend time with friends and family. Even without a big celebration, you can get something loving.
  3.   Hold on! The home is now everything in one: an office, a restaurant, a fitness studio, a cinema, an oasis of wellbeing. For some of us this is a huge burden. Give away a little decorative variety.
  4.   I love you! There is probably nothing more romantic than flowers :) Whether for your best friend or life partner. We would all appreciate an unpacking flower box.
  5.   Me time! And now and then it can be a little "Me Time". Reward yourself and give yourself a little change and variety for your own four walls.

Have a look at ours Bouquets over, which you can also choose from with a large selection Basics who can expand. And write to us if you would like to send a few more individual words. We are creative and respond to every request.

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