Dried flower care

After your new Bloomingful box from our dried flowerOnlineshop is on the way to you, you can look forward to a long time with them. Because unlike fresh flowers, the dried flowers can be kept for up to three years. The shelf life of dried flowers depends on various factors. How can I optimally care for my Bloomingful dried flowers? Here we want to give you a few care instructions with which you will have something of your dried flower bouquet from Bloomingful for a particularly long time.

These tips can extend the shelf life of your dried flowers:

  1. decoration: Placing the dried flower in a straight vase has a positive effect on stability. This can prevent the dried flowers from lying on top of each other and thereby harming each other.
  2. Exposure to sunlight: Sun exposure can also affect the shelf life of your dried flowers. The more the flowers are exposed to heat and strong sun, the sooner the color of individual dried flowers and grasses can fade. In addition, the consistency can suffer and your dried flower bouquet can lose its structure more quickly.
  3. humidity: Place your dried flowers in as dry an environment as possible. The higher the humidity in the room, the more likely it is that the appearance of your bouquet of dried flowers will suffer. Our tip at this point: Don't necessarily decorate your bathroom with the flowers, but beautify your living room or bedroom with your new bloomingful flowers.
  4. Dusting off helps: As with all objects in the home, dust can also collect on your dried flowers. Occasional dusting not only helps your flowers last longer, but also helps them look beautiful longer.
  5. Wetness: Maybe you already know, but we'll tell you again. The big advantage of your new bouquet of dried flowers is: You never have to water it :) Don't let your dried flowers get wet. Thus, they can give you a long pleasure.
We hope we were able to give you some valuable tips on how to care for your Bloomingful dried flowers. Have we forgotten something or did you not understand something? If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email again to: info@bloomingful.de.


We look forward to your personal decoration ideas under the hashtag #bebloomingful.

Have fun with your new dried flowers from Bloomingful!

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