Valentine's Day - Lockdown is never more beautiful!

Valentine's Day - Lockdown is never more beautiful!
The day of togetherness - on no other day of the year is it easier for us to keep the circle of private get-togethers as small as on Valentine's Day. Popular activities such as a romantic visit to your favorite Italian, a joint cocktail course or a visit to your favorite theater are not possible this year. Instead, creativity and a little curiosity are required this year to transform your own home into the perfect data location. We went in search of the perfect (and something different) setting in which none of your senses were neglected:
The smoking set for the right ambience.

          valentines day dry flower bouquet and flower card
Hardly any other of our senses is as strongly connected to feelings and emotions as the nose. And so the mood of the rooms can be created as desired with the right fragrances. Fragrances such as lavender, vanilla and sage have a particularly relaxing and calming effect. Incense sets provide a very special ambience. From our own experience, we can recommend the “Peace” incense set by The Magic Folk (Link:

                                                       palo santo smoking set

I suspect your bucket list for 2021 says ...
I prefer to listen to you in lockdown. Writes two bucket lists. What 5 to-dos have you planned for 2021? What do you suppose, what's on your date partner's bucket list? Read to each other and listen carefully.
Love for the skin ...
Sure, a massage shouldn't be missing, but paint a picture together. Everyone can choose their favorite colors and you decide together on a theme (e.g. a vacation spot, a landscape or a favorite animal) that should represent your motif. You are guaranteed to have even more fun with finger paints.
The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach
Happiness is only real when shared! There is hardly any other activity that saves you more relaxed time than cooking together. It is not for nothing that numerous cooking courses for couples are offered, in which three-course menus are created and new aspects of kitchens from all over the world are taught. What challenges do you face? What new dishes would you like to try? Our tip: protein tortillas & wraps made from rice paper, tofu and homemade yoghurt and a berry smoothie bowl for dessert.
Embellish everyday life!
Thanks to lockdown, we all spend significantly more time at home. It is all the more important that we make the date location for Valentine's Day a little more special for the eye. The hula hoop and the home trainer for the in-house sports program and home office equipment are welcome. Instead, embellish the ambience with an individualized bouquet of flowers. Take a look at our bouquets and expand them with a few basics and an individualized card.

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