About our product

But now more about our product. As already described in the sustainability section: We do without intercontinental transport routes and receive our goods from our direct neighbors. The Netherlands and Italy. This means that we make the best possible use of what we believe to be the obvious suppliers of dried flowers in Europe.

In addition, we have set our focus on the “do-it-yourself” boxes. What does that mean exactly? And what does that mean for you and your desire for dried flowers?

In contrast to ready-made bouquets, you will receive a set that you choose beforehand, delivered to your home. The flowers and grasses are arranged side by side in a box. Now you can think about how you'd like to arrange them. Or whether you split up the set, separate certain individual parts from the rest and arrange them in a different environment. When choosing the box you should go according to the colors. What colors go well with the rest of the room? Maybe you just have your very own favorite colors. And of course you can also pick up a large container and present the set exactly as it was delivered. By the way, we are always happy to receive pictures of your ideas via Instagram (@ bloomingful.shop) and Facebook (BloomingfulShop).

We also offer the option of adding small "extras" to the extension when purchasing a DIY box. This means that you can add fluffy lagurus, pretty flax grass or red phalaris to your order for little money.